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Not long ago, problems with plumbing could only be diagnosed by guesswork and digging in random spots around a property. Times have changed, and now video cameras have become indispensable for a plumber to diagnose pipe trouble. A camera line inspection allows for a visual inspection of plumbing lines all along the inside of the pipe, so the plumber knows exactly what and where the problem is, saving time and money.

To perform an inspection, a flexible fiber-optic cable is inserted into a pipe with a waterproof video camera attached to the end. The camera has high-resolution and powerful lights that give the plumber a complete view of everything going on in the pipes. The video images are transmitted to a camera operator who can save the data onto a videotape. You can have a camera line inspection performed on branch lines, which are the plumbing that originates from faucets or bathtubs, or the sewer line, which is the main line that leads from the house to the municipal sewer system. The camera footage reveals pipe obstructions and damage prior to service, and verifies that these problems have been fixed following a service.

The camera can reveal broken or cracked pipes or other damage. Many different conditions can cause the seals between the pipes to rupture. Pipes can move out of alignment because of shifting soil, or frozen ground. Sometimes a section of the pipe sinks, creating a depression into which waste slowly descends and collects, leading to a clog. Other times, when the seals break, water escapes from the pipes, causing low water pressure.

Your pipes can be clogged by debris or waste. Grease buildup can slowly obstruct the flow of water inside a pipe, or the roots of a tree can grow into the line and choke the flow.

Over time, pipes can corrode and weaken. If they collapse, this can restrict water flow. Older properties are more likely to have pipes made of outdated material with less durability.

Camera line inspections aren’t just for home use, or when you know you have a problem. It’s a good idea to conduct regular inspections at your business as a form of preventative maintenance, avoiding expensive future repairs. You can have a plumber run a camera line inspection prior to renting a business space to be sure the location has no existing problems before you commit to a lease.