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Services – Trenchless Pipe Repair & Lining

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There was a time when a damaged sewer line meant a backhoe would soon be digging up a trench from your home to the street, causing extensive damage to your lawn. Thankfully, today, there are trenchless options that require limited digging, thus protecting the integrity of your property. 

Trenchless pipe lining and sewer replacement is about 30% to 40% less expensive than traditional sewer line work because we are able to replace a damaged or broken sewer pipe without digging long trenches in your yard. Instead, pipe relining inserts a flexible, resin-coated tube known as a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) directly into the damaged pipe. The tube is then inflated, and the resin is allowed to harden. Once this happens, you have a pipe within a pipe that is doubly resistant to corrosion and other damage.

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